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The so called “compliance function” or “Spanish regulatory compliance” is the one that, within the company, ensures that its activity complies with legal obligations and procedures established internally.

Aiming to avoid risks that could damage the reputation of our clients, we deem necessary to provide comprehensive solutions in order to protect their business interests.

Likewise, with the approval of Organic Law 5/2010 regarding the Reform of the Penal Code, criminal liability of legal entities has been introduced. Specifically, legal entities become criminally liable for certain crimes, but they may be exempt from liability if, before the commission of the crime, they have in fact adopted and executed effective corporate governance and anti-corruption frameworks that are suitable for preventing crimes of the same nature of these that were committed or to significantly reduce its risk of commission.

That is why we strongly recommend the preparation and implementation of a “Corporate Crime Prevention Manual”, as a model of organization and management. 

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