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Solutions for the collection of unpaid debts. 

We organize, structure, and provide computer systems and technology to implement debt packages that companies stop managing due to lack of resources, with the consequent loss that this entails. 

We offer experience, highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge technology to achieve maximum efficiency and results in our management. 

We work for the supply sectors, financial institutions, credit insurance and companies in general.



  • Personnel specialized in debt claims.
  • Ability to deal with any type of debt
  • National geographic scope. .
  • Innovation. Use of Legal-Tech tools.
  • Access to information to locate debtors.
  • Connection of the client to the system for monitoring procedures.


  • Claiming debt at the preliminary stage
  • Recovery of unpaid debt resulting from the management of the billing and collection cycle once the voluntary payment periods established by the client have been exhausted.
  • Claiming debt through the courts.
  • Proceedings for payment or lawsuit, in cases in which after a preliminary claim there are possibilities of collection or in those that the client determines.

We make a diagnosis without obligation; we study your case and offer you a pilot test to see what result can be obtained and make the best decision. 

Velázquez 35

3rd floor right

28001 Madrid


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