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Servicios > Pulchra Legal > Other banking and financial claim services

  • Claims and renegotiation of personal and mortgage loans. (multi-currency, IRPH …) 
  • Undue bank commissions.
  • Claim of abusive revolving cards interest rates
  • SWAP claims and other derivative financial products. 
  • Debt negotiation with banks. 
  • Bank loan contracts of any kind (personal loans, leasing, credit cards, etc.). 
  • Debt refinancing. 
  • Guarantees and sureties. 
  • Nullity of clauses in banking contracts. 
  • Foreclosure defense and other executions for debts owed to banks.

Interior of the Bank of Spain Building. Madrid (Spain)

Velázquez 35

Planta 3º Derecha

28001 Madrid


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