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The Public Administration provides Spanish companies with the application of an incentive to R & D & I in addition to tax deductions. It is a non-tax incentive with the aim of promoting the hiring and maintenance of employment with exclusive dedication to R & D & i activities.

Regulated bonuses in RD 475/2014 in which the Client may discount up to 40% of the workers’ contributions to the Social Security.


  • Personalized advice.
  • Study of the application of the different incentives to optimize their compatibility.
  • Management and processing of the “Innovative SME” seal.



  • Compatibility with tax deductions for R + D + i in the case of companies that have the “Innovative SMEs” seal. The rest of the entities will be able to make both incentives compatible as long as they are not applied to the same research staff.
  • Savings of 40% in business fees for common contingencies to be paid to Social Security.
  • Decrease in the fixed cost of personnel dedicated exclusively to R + D + i activities.
  • Possibility of ordinary application in each monthly settlement.

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