The reason for works of art and stars of the universe on a website of Advocacy and Consulting

GIAQUINTO, CORRADO. Allegory of Justice and Peace. Prado National Museum (Madrid)

The world of law and society in general is facing a digital transformation. We want to be leaders in this evolution but defending the balance with the humanization that we represent with art.

With the automation of Legal-Tech we are forced to develop our creativity, to show our added value to differentiate ourselves, and therefore the similarity with art. We become artists.

The images of the Universe that NASA shows us with the technology of the Hubble telescope transmit innovation and are of such extraordinary beauty that they evoke works of art and even with a little imagination we can see parallels with mergers, creation and development and business expansion. Our stars.

We wanted to honor Spanish painters such as Francisco de Goya and Diego Velázquez, on whose street in Madrid is our headquarters. Thus, we show a selection of his work in the Pulchra Legal area, sometimes with a double meaning, giving a touch of humor. Subtleties that not pretending to be obvious, amuse or inspire whoever sees it. (“The naked maja” in tax law … or the image of “the tyrant” in the banking sector. We leave the rest to your imagination …

We also show other Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Expressionist works bringing art and technology closer together and looking for similarities with the Universe. Surprising and interesting.

Finally, one of our commitments in social responsibility being the dissemination of art, culture and knowledge, we found it illustrator to show different works of art as well as their authors and location. Both painting and exciting images of the Universe with their names and position.

Hubble Space Telescope Images. Stellar Jewel Box. Milky Way Galaxy.

Hubble Space Telescope Images. Breakup of Multiple-Star System.