Estudio Martín Villa & Asociados and Pulchra Innovation with Motorsport

Sharing values and present in the Andorra Races, Crédit Andorra Series, with the veteran driver Álvaro Lobera.

The values of motor racing, a sport of risk, in which you have to go ahead with a lot of effort and training, passion for speed and reaching the finish line with determination in order to overcome many obstacles. And all of this despite the inclement weather conditions or other external factors, this is essence of the sport that identifies with us with the sport, as lawyers and businessmen.

The automotive sector is investing more and more in R&D, Innovation is a clear competitive advantage in this sector and at Pulchra Innovación we are here to support you as a consultancy firm which specializes in comprehensive services for the management of tax incentives and deductions, as well as public aid and subsidies.

The Crédit Andorra Series is a winter sports spectacle. The races are held at the Circuit d’Andorra-Pas de la Casa located at 2,400 meters at the top of Port d’Envalira, close to the Andorran town of Pas de la Casa.

In the images, our friend the veteran pilot Alvaro Lobera, embracing among others, the logos of Estudio de Abogados Martín Villa & Asociados and Pulchra Innovación on the bodywork of his Renault car.