Customer loyalty as a business strategy. Loyalty programs or projects

Investing in a customer loyalty strategy can be one of the most profitable actions that we can carry out in a company.

What do we have to take into account to design a loyalty strategy? 

-Situation of the company and its customers. 

-The resources available 

-What are the objectives we want to achieve? 

Success stories 

Pulchra has been implementing customer loyalty programs for years, for example in the insurance sector, providing the insured and their families with value-added services while taking care of their personal and family well-being.


24H personal assistant, housekeeping, housework, IT, pet care and walking, home pharmacy… (There are many services that are customized and studied for each case).

This, together with a good customer service support, which is something that is no secret in terms of loyalty, is an interesting formula with many benefits and possibilities of combination with other strategies, such as email marketing, which we talked about in the previous post and in which proximity and personalization are of great importance (let’s take as an example for our email marketing campaigns, communicate discounts or any other incentive, congratulate Christmas … a satisfaction survey …).

For this type of loyalty programs to be successful, it is also very important to carry out communication campaigns that inform our customers of the added value they have, with examples of how to use the services, thus enhancing our proximity and communication with them.

In essence, offering our customers a special and close treatment, surprising them with details that touch their hearts, in order to achieve their loyalty and loyalty to our brand.