Pulchra Innovación attends a Seminar on New Developments in Deductions and Allowances for R&D+i

On March 7th, an interesting conference on Deductions and Allowances for R&D&I took place at the CaixaForum Auditorium in Madrid.

The certification company Eqa presented the latest news and current situation regarding issues such as Sustainable Innovation, R&D&I Deductions, Allowances for Research Personnel and Next Generation funds. At the end, Mr. José Mª Peláez Bravo, S.G. Fomento de la Innovación (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) was also present, who answered the questions he considered to be within his competence, but in terms of R&D&I deductions, it was clear to us that there is still a long way to go.

In Pulchra we are concerned that Innovation is not given enough prominence in Spain.Undoubtedly, more collaboration and support from the Ministry is needed so that companies that carry out innovation have legal security before the Tax Agency and are not subject to tax inspections once the work has been completed by their corresponding teams or consultancy firms.

Let’s hope that the negotiations between Ministries move forward and that Innovation is considered in the place it deserves for the progress and prosperity of Spain.